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Yamaha CP35

Yamaha CP35

Yamaha CP35

Yamaha CP35 (1981)

The Yamaha CP35 is not your usual electric piano. It comes with 16 presets, emulating all manner of Rhodes, Wurlitzers, harpsichords, Clavinets and more. Two presets can be layered, detuned or transposed up a fifth or an octave for more variation. Oh, and it also adds built-in tremolo and flanger effects!

It oozes analog warmth and character. Great for funky stuff. It also has really long sustain, making it great for ambient or slow, open playing too. Versatile and sounds great.

Eclectic Piano

Our interpretation has all 16 presets sampled, with the same functionality as the original - and then some. There are plenty of conventional electric piano tones here but we went a step further by adding the Toneshaper engine, modern effects and plenty of modulation possibilities.

Scripting by Mario Krušelj
Eclectic Piano

Demo mode only in Kontakt Player
Tested with Kontakt 4.2 & 5 • Windows & Mac
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This sound demo was created entirely from Eclectic Piano with percussion elements from Handclap Boss. Some mastering compression applied. No additional processing.

More Eclectic Piano sounds can be auditioned in the Bundle demo song where all five instruments were used.