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Rheem Kee Bass

Rheem Kee Bass

Rheem Kee Bass

Rheem Kee Bass (1967)

One of our oldest and coolest synths! And from a company more known for hot-water systems. Of course! The RKB has two basic sounds (fuzz-on & fuzz off) with some simple EQ and envelope controls. More detailed info can be found at the excellent Combo Organ Heaven site.

The basic sound is a thick, square wavey affair and can sound surprisingly natural in a mix. However, with the fuzz turned on, things start to get decidedly psychedelic. Really cool. The stand-out feature has got to be the "Bass Booster" control. It adds a whopping 6dB (approx) of gain, centred at around 80Hz with a broad bandwidth. Oomph!

K Bass

We sampled both the natural and fuzz settings with the Bass Booster on full. This way, you'll get the real balls of the original Kee. Our Bass Booster lever sort of works in reverse. As you pull the lever down, it gradually cuts frequencies around 80Hz so that it sounds almost identical to the original when all the way down, and doesn't knock you off your feet when boosted to full.

All the front panel controls have been replicated with an extended feature set without compromising the Katra from the original instrument. If you're after some vintage analog bass that isn't another x0x, please consider our K Bass. It provides deep, subby bass and really has its own thing going on.

Scripting by Mario Krušelj
K Bass

Demo mode only in Kontakt Player
Tested with Kontakt 4.2 & 5 • Windows & Mac
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This sound demo was created entirely from K Bass with percussion elements from Percussion Boss and Handclap Boss. Some mastering compression applied. No additional processing.

More K Bass sounds can be auditioned in the Bundle demo song where all five instruments were used.