Sample Katra
Boss PC2

Boss PC2

Boss PC2

Boss PC2 (1984)

The Boss PC2 is a great little percussion and effects device. Sounds are generated by a triangle wave oscillator, then altered with some pitch modulation and a simple amp-decay.

It can do all sorts of analog synth percussion sounds and doubles as a 60s sci-fi fx device. Way cool.

Percussion Boss

With our Kontakt version, we have sampled the triangle wave from the PC2, reproduced the controls and added a lot more functionality. Deep kicks, toms and snares are all here. While it can reproduce all the percussion and fx sounds of the original instrument, it can also be used as a sound designer’s tool for creating unique noises and atmospherics. Check the demo for a glimpse at what it can do. You'll find our new Sample Katra instrument extremely versatile, yet still retains the Katra, the living spirit, from the original. We hope you like it.

Scripting by Mario Krušelj
Percussion Boss

Demo mode only in Kontakt Player
Tested with Kontakt 4.2 & 5 • Windows & Mac
Price in U.S. dollars • Paypal or credit card at checkout

These sound demos were created entirely from Percussion Boss with handclaps from Handclap Boss. Some mastering compression applied. No additional processing.

More Percussion Boss sounds can be auditioned in the Bundle demo song where all five instruments were used.