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Yamaha SS30

Yamaha SS30

Yamaha SS30

Yamaha CP35 (1981)

The Yamaha SS30 is a rich and lush sounding string synth. It features dual oscillators which can be detuned to create chorus and phasing effects; then thickened further with its incredible sounding "Orchestra" effect, a beautiful ensemble effect. It also includes a vibrato effect that, when combined with detuning and the Orchestra effect, could be one of the lushest string synths ever made.

Although it has variations of cellos, violas and violins, it’s really just one waveform transposed and filtered for the different presets.

The SS30 was a hit for 80s Euro and Japanese artists but unfortunately was never made available to the US market - which possibly helped keep it veiled in relative obscurity.

Surreal Strings

We sampled four variations of Orchestra settings, another sample set with Orchestra off, and a sixth sample set with the Orchestra 1 ensemble preset, set to 75%, passing through a Boss CE300 Super Chorus at 100% wet. The CE300 uses a similar BBD circuit as the revered chorus of the Roland Juno 60. This sample set is always available with the other five presets to create anything from subtle blends to an absolute lush-fest!

Scripting by Mario Krušelj
Surreal Strings

Demo mode only in Kontakt Player
Tested with Kontakt 4.2 & 5 • Windows & Mac
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This sound demo was created entirely from Surreal Strings with percussion elements from Handclap Boss. Some mastering compression applied. No additional processing.

More Surreal Strings sounds can be auditioned in the Bundle demo song where all five instruments were used.